Our story


This is a new project which we are introducing to the market. Based with a team of international stage performers and artists.


We are at your disposal to fulfill your demands and deliver a service. Which combines creativity and professional production.


We provide theme-based performances and dance workshops for dinners, catwalks, corporate events, weddings and nightclubs. You can also hire us for bachelor parties, to make them unforgettable.


Do you have an idea and don't know how to bring it to life?

We are here to assist and develop your project and offer you the most suitable option for you and your budget. In order to meet all your possible and "impossible" needs, we work with an experienced and professional team from all areas to offer you the best service.



The Founder



visual artist and producer





The entertainment director in the Lip Bomb area.



Performance at the femme fatale london event as a model and vj

The owner of a fashion shop in prague

Wonderland sound summit weekend in wales vj artist with my bad sister, chris liberator and jeff 23



Journalist and reporter for czech gay magazin LUI

Making report on Manchester Gay Pride and interview with SAM SPAROW

Shooting and directing my documentary concept about Club Kids and Party Monsters on Ibiza

Interview with BABY MARCELO



Study on czech Film Academy FAMU

Performing in club Tribe /Wien, AT/

Yes Club Prag

Visual support on Cirkus Alien partys

Then i was following my animal rescue mission in Thailand make a volunteering for Elephant care project, Wild Monkey Conversation and with .. Care Stray dogs



Play in Club Church Prague, Roxy Prague

DVJ performance on BARCELONA FETISH WEEKNED in club ROW 14

Royal visual cafe Barcelona

Cooperation with Electro Booking Fr

visual jockey and event organisation with with artsists Damian K

My Ibiza season in hotel Es Vive, every thursday DVJ performance

Colin.Cat feat. Jeff 23

Playing on Acide PIoneers party in UK with Chriss Liberator, Jossy Fullwibes

DVJ, Organisation and promotion for Art Recycling factory project Barcelona

Moon boot party Grenoble /FR/ resident Vj in ski resort bars – Tignes, La Plagne, Briancone

Cooperating on audio visual project with Jeff23 /Spiral Tribe/



Party organiser in Club Church Prag

Play in ROXY club Prague, Summer of Love festival, Acid Box

VJ with artists dj Fidelity Castrow, CJ BOLLAND & MC SCREAM

Cooperation with Circus Road System (fr) dvj project with pyrotechnics show for FR tour

Made visual concept and fetish video clips for TORTURE GARDE /UK/ The worlds leading fetish club”



Play in Massive club and Arena Vienna, Roxy and Cross club Prague

With artists, STEVE BUG, Mr.C ,FATIMA HAJI, FUNK D VOID, Crystal